The inherent strength of metal and a combination of the benefits listed on this page mean that a Steelplan Kitchen will far exceed the life expectancy of a standard wooden carcass kitchens in semi-commercial environments.

Impervious to water

The polyester powder coated steel is impervious to water. No more swollen chipboard or rotting MDF.

Fire resistant

The metal is fire resistant and the powder coat finish formulated so that no toxic fumes are emitted in the case of fire.


Unlike wooden/chipboard cabinets the Steelplan Kitchen carcass does not contain any material that may sustain, harbour or encourage insects or bacteria.


The powder coated finish means that the units can be kept to an extremely high level of cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Essential when used in health locations.


It looks great! The hidden steel backbone is dressed up with a choice of doors to produce whatever look and feel you want.